Family Child Care

Serves Children Ages Two Weeks to 12 Years







Family Child Care (FCC) offers child care to children and youth from two weeks to 12 years of age. Care is provided in homes located on or off an installation that has been certified by the Mission Support Group Commander. One of the hallmarks of the FCC is its ability to tailor the types of care offered to virtually fit every schedule, deployment, or special need. Department of the Air Force FCC offers the following child care services:

Full Day/Weekly Child Care

Provides full day weekly child care.


Hourly Care

May be offered to support short-term needs based on provider availability.


Expanded Child Care

The ECC Program assists families in obtaining high-quality child care from certified providers at or near the installation. Child care is available for children 2 weeks to 12 years.

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The military equivalent of state licensing, DoD Certification represents verified compliance with standards regarding fire, health, safety, developmental programming, child abuse prevention, funding, and staff training. Our Child and Youth Programs are certified by DoD each year. As a result of the strict oversight and adherence to standards, along with the trained staff/providers and quality curriculum, our programs have been recognized as a model for the nation.


Training and Curriculum Specialist(s) (T&C) are assigned to each DAF Child and Youth Services Flight. The T&Cs are responsible to support the training needs/requirements for all personnel (staff, contractors, specific volunteers, family child care providers). Based on position, all personnel must complete orientation training and annual training requirements. In addition, all staff must complete a set of competency based training modules. FCC providers are observed and debriefed on a monthly basis.


All personnel (staff, contractors, specified volunteers) must obtain and maintain a Child Care Background Check in accordance with the Public Law.