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Trish Hammond

Operations Coordinator, Government and Corporate Division, NMSI

Trish Hammond serves as the Operations Coordinator for the Military Families Mission at the National Math and Science Initiative. NMSI is a non-profit organization who has partnered with the DoD STEM Department and Defense STEM Education Consortium to offer a Military Families Mission Grant for military connected school districts.

Trish works closely with school liaisons and military connected school district leadership teams nationwide sharing STEM grant opportunities, advocating for the underserved military populations across the nation, and ensuring communication is shared; elevating and bringing awareness to the NMSI/DoD STEM/DSEC mission for military connected schools, leaders, teachers, students, and communities.

Trish is a very proud Air Force Brat and Spouse. Trish and her husband are currently serving in Northern Virginia at the Pentagon. Trish and her husband are approaching their 29th year in the Air Force, celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary in June, have two amazing children, and just completed their 18th military move. Trish loves her job at NMSI as it truly merges her two greatest passions, education and serving military families.

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