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Mrs. Jessica Saum

Arkansas Teacher of the Year, AF Military Spouse

Jessica Saum is a special education teacher, military spouse, mother to two military connected children and has been recognized as one of the best in the business as the 2022 Arkansas Teacher of the Year. She has worked as a self-contained special education teacher in Cabot, Arkansas and is known not only for her excellence in the classroom but for her advocacy work on behalf of her students, her efforts to connect her students with learning opportunities in the community, and her support for military families. As Teacher of the Year, Jessica is using her platform to focus on increasing awareness and improving resources for districts who assist students of military families when they transition to a new school and state and supporting educators in ensuring meaningful inclusive practices for students who receive special education services. Her one-year tenure as Arkansas Teacher of the Year began on July 1, and she will spend this year traveling the state as a representative for teachers and will serve as a non-voting member on the State Board of Education. The 2022 Teacher of the Year, Jessica Saum.

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