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Marian Wilcox

Thrive Team

Marian Wilcox is a small-town girl from Louisiana who married a young airman 20 years ago. They now have four children: Erik (27), Braden (25), Madeline (18), and Kenleigh (8). She currently resides in Shreveport, LA, with her family.

Marian has been a dedicated military spouse and avid volunteer for the last two decades. She served as an advisor on various boards and worked with local, state, and national businesses and organizations to find ways to improve the quality of life for military families. Marian has been an active and involved spouse advisor and served as a senior spouse mentor at the squadron, group, wing, and NAF level commands. Over the years, she also contributed to various resilience efforts while her husband served on MAJCOM, Headquarters Air Force, and Office of the Secretary of Defense staffs. She has planned, coordinated, and executed volunteer initiatives for airmen, spouses, and their families throughout her military spouse career, including multiple community outreach efforts.

Currently, she volunteers to support the spouse of the 22nd Chief of Staff of the Air Force and co-created the platform, Five & Thrive, including all spouse and family efforts under it. She also co-leads a team of diverse and talented military spouses, known as the Thrive Team. This team serves Department of the Air Force families by equipping them with resources, communication, advocacy, and leadership development.

Marian’s goal as a military spouse is to inspire her fellow spouses to make the most of military life and support the mission, airmen, spouses, and families to the best of their ability. She plans to continue to grow in her knowledge and skills in the hope that it will make a difference for even just one military family, improving their lives now and for years to come.

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