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Dr. Elizabeth Woodworth

Associate Professor of Strategic Communications/ Director of Research and Electives at Air War College, Air University

Dr. Liz Woodworth earned her PhD in English with highest honors at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX where she studied classical through modern rhetoric and 19th c. British literature. She began her career teaching college in 1992. Then for many years she worked in publishing for K-12 education and teacher professional development, including teaching the 2nd and 6th grades. From 2008-2018, she was the Director of Composition at Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) and earned tenure as an Honors Associate Professor in the Department of English and Philosophy. At AUM, Dr. Woodworth taught written and oral communication, interdisciplinary honors courses, undergraduate and graduate courses in literature and writing. From 2010-2016, she developed and founded the Master of Teaching Writing degree for AUM—one of just a few at the time focused on teaching writing at the college/post-secondary level.

Dr. Woodworth has published on a variety of subjects. She’s written on storytelling and organizational development, classical rhetoric for professional military education, 19th century British novels, general aviation, continuing education, Victorian poetry, Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Lord Alfred Tennyson, Ben Jonson, digital rhetoric, baseball, social media, research and writing pedagogy, and public relations. She is also a published fiction/poetry and creative non-fiction author.

She is currently an Associate Professor of Strategic Communication at the Air War College (AWC) on Maxwell Air Force Base at Air University. She is the Director of Research and the Electives at the AWC and Director of the General Henry “Hap” Arnold Executive Leadership Series, an outreach program connecting AWC speakers with communities and groups across the country. Dr. Woodworth teaches courses in classical rhetoric and in creative thinking at the AWC and serves as a faculty member for the Air University Innovation Research Task Force.

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