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Col Nicholas R. Pederson

Vice Commander, 49th Wing, Holloman AFB

Col Nicholas R. Pederson is the Vice Commander, 49th Wing, Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico. The 49th Wing supports national security objectives by training MQ-9 and F-16 aircrew, and consists of 3 MQ-9 squadrons, 3 F-16 squadrons, 5 groups, and over 10,000 active duty, reservists, civilians and dependents. The wing deploys combat ready Airmen worldwide, and is home to the USAF's Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources and Air Transportable Clinics as well as the 704th Test Group.

Col Pederson commissioned in 2002 through Basic Officer Training. He graduated from the USAF Weapons School in 2010 and has served as a Weapons School instructor in the MQ-1 and MQ-9 as well as the squadron commander of the 15th Attack Squadron. While in B-1Bs, Col Pederson flew operational missions in Afghanistan and has employed the MQ-1B and MQ-9 over Afghanistan, Iraq, and other areas in CENTCOM and AFRICOM. His previous assignment was Chief of ISR Current Operations for the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, at the Pentagon.

Col Pederson is a master navigator whose aviation career includes more than 3,000 flying hours with 241 combat hours and 1800 hours of combat support in the B-1B, MQ-1B, and MQ-9.

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